Devil Girl of Mars

Devil Girl of Mars

“At night I fart
a Guinness”
—Carol Ann Duffy

At night—She parts
Her lovely—pale white hips
And farts—a Heineken
In my face—thru Lace

Black lace—turns me on
Her Fart—so silent stealthy
The sexiest thing—on Earth
My Devil Girl—from Mars

Black leather boots—sharp
High heels—jabbing me
Her wrap-around—Legs
So Otherworldly—Fine

Her Ming—the Merciless
Tight helmet—so Fifties
British Sci-Fi chic—Love
That raygun—dildo of hers

Some prefer—Zsa Zsa
Queen—of Outer Space
But Mars—needs men
Flying Saucers—Take me!!!

Hook me up—quick please
Like young—Don Johnson’s
Movie—A Boy and His Dog
And drain me dry—on Mars!!!

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