Prince Charles

Riding Ariel
—for Prince Charles

“Tragic drama gives its
greatest roles to royalty”
—Ted Hughes
A Masque for Three Voices

The Island’s—poet returns
Prospero—waves his wand
From Yorkshire—to Mytholmroyd
The ghost—of the Lonely Man
Shapes again—the whole
Island—the moody moors

Being British—is no mystery
When man’s future—depended
On one nation’s—hidden strength
It was the—English language
That prevailed—over Albion
Not the Luftwaffe—bombers

Being British—is the mystery
A royalty—minted you and me
We speak through—the ancient
Tragic tongue—that stalked the
Anglo-Saxon soul—from the
Prehistoric depths—of hell

Being British—how else could
The Thistle’s Crown—the Unicorn
The Lion's Words—Streamlined Gold
The Honey Bee—Sovereign Rider
Riding forward—Beowulf’s gift
Once again—Ariel the Prince

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