Mytholmroyd Mon Amour

Mytholmroyd Mon Amour

“Every year a card from Honolulu.
It seemed you had finessed your
return to the living”
—Ted Hughes, The Offers

When I see a—young Goddess
And guess she’s—fucking herself silly
Taking pills—or wearing a diaphragm
I know—this is Paradise

Every time I dream—of Sylvia
Barriers and bridges—rise up and
Like some smooth—sleek draw-bridge
All the yachts and sailboats—slide through

I think about her endlessly—wondering if
I could only go back—to frozen London
Help her with her—new book Ariel
Thinking that we—could continue anyway

Rather than words—forget about poetry
Letting my—uncomprehending mind
Stoned in deep blue—Yorkshire silence
Be nothing—but a Mytholmroyd man

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