Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cleaving Caliban

Caliban’s Blackness

“the dark divine substance
of the rejected Goddess”
—Ted Hughes
Shakespeare and the
Goddess Of Complete Being

I am—the Mytholmroyd Man
Prospero—mentions me often
Caliban’s—blackness inside me
I am the Thing—in The Tempest

“This thing of—darkness that
I acknowledge—he is mine”
I am the Wild Boar—full of
The rejected—Goddess’ rage

The blackness—of Dionysus
The blueness—of Krishna
I am the Boar—in all men
I’m the son—of the Goddess

The dark Queen—of Hell
I’m the crippled—White Adonis
I’m the one—who gassed her

But even worse—I’m Caliban
Who rejected—Sylvia’s love
Goddess—of Complete Being
Her pretty head—in the oven

How does a man—survive it
Assault—of darkest madness
Destroyed by—the dark force
From Cymbeline—onwards?

It only works—one at a time
Mistakes I made—the Boar
Charging into—my life and
The madness—erupting then

Sylvia’s—jealous fury
Her crying voice—but also
Her rage—the rejected Goddess
By the bathtub—behind me

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