Monday, March 9, 2009

Sean Penn

Proposition Hate

What is the relationship
of morality to the art of
the poet in this society?
This society not conspicuous
for any morality?”
—Kenneth Rexroth,
The Alternate Society


What morality?
Bush morality?—Nixon morality?
Neocon morality?—Watergate morality?
Viet Nam morality?—Desert Storm morality?
Iraq morality?—Guantánamo morality?
Wall Street morality?—Bank Bailout Morality?
Mortgage Scam Morality?—Ponzi Morality?
Transparent morality?—Rove morality?
Proposition Hate morality?—Gay morality?
Straight morality?—Commonsensical morality?
Heterosexual morality?—Mormon morality?
Jerry Fartwell morality?—FOX-News morality?
Sarah Palin morality?—Holy Roller morality?
Beltway Lobbyist morality?—Big Oil morality?
Evita Peron morality?—Generalissimo morality?
Kent State morality?—Bankruptcy morality?
Gone IRA & 401 K morality?—Depression morality?
Ratty Repugnant Republican Rip-Off morality?
What morality?


Let’s start with—Proposition Hate.
How the rich Mormons—queered California.
How the rich Mormons—queered America USA.
How the rich Mormons—recruited Hate.
How they recruited—Blacks and Wrinklies.
How the Mormons—queered the 2008 Election.
How the Mormons—queered the Older Generation.
How the Mormons—turned Blacks against us too.
It was easy as pie—the Obama mood was high.
The Mormons—recruited Blacks & Wrinklies…
To vote away—Gay Marriage already on the Books.
Like the Nazis—the Mormons did it retroactively.


Saying “Ooops!!!”—You’re not married after all!!
Saying “Surprise!!!”—No marriage rights for Fags!!!
Saying “Straights Rule!!!”—Excommunicate Queers!!!
Saying “So what America???”—Jaysus Christ was stra8ht!!!
Saying “See ya Milk & Moscone!!!”—Too Bad You’re Dead!!!
Saying “Get to the Back of the Bus!!!”—make it Snappy!!!
Saying “Get the Poets first!!!”—GLBT Lit stinks!!!
Saying “Let’s ban Ginsberg again!!!—Let them Howl!!!
Saying “Poop on Proust!!!”—No more Sky over Andover!!!
Saying “Goodbye Whitman!!!”—No Poet Laureates for you!!!
Saying “Take your Leaves of Grass!!!”—and stuff it!!!
Saying “Goodbye Hart Crane”—it’s Orizaba for you!!!
Saying “So Long Frank O’Hara”—NYC once loved you!!!
Saying “Bye Heath Ledger!!!”—Brokeback Mountain adieu!!!
Saying “Goodbye River Phoenix!!!”—No more Idaho for you!!
Saying “Hey!!! Sean Penn!!!”—What to do now, man???

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