Killer in Drag

“Glenda must start working
on her voice again”
—Edward D. Wood Jr.
Killer in Drag

Like angora-obsessed—writer Ed Wood Jr.
I’ve got this thing—for POMO transvestism too
And why not, my dear—I’m gay neo-noir
It makes me—feel good inside & subversive
Flicks are okay—but writing pulp fiction gets
Closer to queering identity—transgressively

Beyond noir—beyond pulp fiction?
Can I take Glen/Glenda—one step further?
Like Borges does—be my dream other?
Be Killer in Drag—work for a "Syndicate”?
Filming the worst movie—ever made
Fondling it with my—fuzzy Angora gloves?
Down where—pearl-handled death lurks
A he/she hit-man—transvestite gangster?

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