cleaving yaoi

yaoi love #3

—for Imelda Marcos

jet-black—smooth hair
tangled up—in thousands
of strands—purplish pubes
tangled limbs—long nights
of lovemaking—on Suma beach
while scudding clouds—moody
skulky overhead—ooze slowly by
the jealous old—snarky witches
denizens of the night—ogling
down at us—forever kvetching
tight thighs—around brooms
oz emerald city—twilight sky
the same old—usual skanky
Margaret Hamilton-types
gazing down—from full moon
coveting your—ruby slippers
my tin man lady—lioness other
scarecrowess—Imelda Marcos
come to me—my young little
philippine—wizard goddess
let’s make love—oblivious to
the endless—carping old bags
tail-spinning—from above
down—straight into hell

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