Cleaving Rexroth

Japanese Notebook

fish are safe—and delicious
eat at home—find a girl friend
food—eat japanese style at home
costs about the same—as santa barbara
get japanese cookbooks—and enjoy
how to eat cheap in japan—all sorts of coffee shops
osaka, kobe, kyoto—where you can meet girls
honyarado is best—near doshisha university.
stay away from gaijin [foreigners]— in kyoto
it's like west berlin—50% are cia
avoid "jitoku"—and even cid corman's "cc's"
associate with japanese—as much as possible
forget "sitting" [zazen]—at daitokuji, etc.
the mystical gaijin—all "freeks"
as dianne [jarreau]—calls such people
in the—“inscrutable orient”

—Kenneth Rexroth, Letter to Morgan Gibson

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