Cleaving Rexroth

The Savage Detective

“Never forget that
Bolaño, before he was
a novelist, was first and
forever a poet.”
—Rodrigo Fresan,
The Savage Detective

Christopher Walken—Lidless Eyes
Orson Welles—Third Man Smile
Carlos Wieder—Wolf among Lambs
Jorge Borges—Monsters of the Maze
Raymond Chandler—The Big Sleep!!!

I’m a Detective—a Political Poet
Roberto Bolaño—Not Savage Enough
Too Nice Guy—Los perros románticos
The Romantic Dogs—what bullshit…
Gimme—The Savage Detectives!!!

Gimme True Lies—a Distant Star
Gimme Pinochet—and the Chile Night
Gimme a Strap-on Dildo—and a Taser
Gimme Peron—gimme Evita tonight
Let me be—The Savage Detective!!!

Gimme a Helicopter—All the Priests
Watch me throw ‘em—all to the Sharks
Gimme a New Deal—Shuffle the Cards
Gimme a New Hand—a Chance to Be
Savage Dog—Savage Detective!!!

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