Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cleaving the Archives

The Rexroth Archives

We don’t speak—of the Way
We don’t think—of what comes next
We didn’t question—names or fame
Here in the Archives—in the Stacks
Here is where—it all ends up…
Letters, manuscripts—true confessions
Like James Frey—A Million Little Pieces
Scattered down here—in files and boxes
All those years—catting around
San Francisco Beatniks—North Beach
Santa Barbara—The Viet Nam War
Four marriages—disillusionment
Some lonely—Japanese translations
Now it’s just—you and me here
Two “untitled”—groups of poems
Deep inside—this UCLA Library
Down in the dark—alone together

—Yosano Akiko

[ Box 86 ][ Folder 13 ]

Jarreau, Diane. 1964. 4 items.
Two untitled groups of poems; two letters

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