Cleaving true confessions

True Confessions

“In the age of Oprah,
everything we say is
thought to be
—J. D. McClatchy

The problem with—confessional poetry
people take it so very—seriously like Oprah
with Frey’s—“A Million Little Pieces” memoir
supposedly a true-life—confession about his
misspent youth—drug addiction & murder
the whole schnozzola—Oprah’s TV audience
sucking it all up—book sales in the millions
publishers pleased—tickled pink, interviews
raving chat groups—hardcore addicts vowing
to reform based on—Frey’s oh so brave story

Only to find out—it was all a Big Fat Lie
a convoluted fake—ersatz Autobiography
down to the medical reports—police records
Even the number—of toilet paper rolls
shifty stinky ass-wipe—skanky story
truly an inspirational—greasy twice-told
tale worth big bucks—the whole gang
laughing all the way—to the bank

Then the awful—scandalous denouement
Frey’s poor tear-jerking—confession
just a Pack of Lies—Lies, Lies and more
Lies, with shocked Oprah saving Face by
dragging him onto live TV—along with
Mrs. Talese the publisher—plus some
snide smirking—rat-faced critics from
The New York Times—denouncing
all of them in front of—Oprah’s hissing
mob of irate—angry cheated ladies…

Which only shows that—people want
desperately to believe—in just about
anything—please gawd entertain me!!!
bring on the clowns—the carnival freaks
the sideshow midgets—the Penguin Boy
The Bearded Ladies—the cute Pinheads
The Siamese twins—chatty Talking horses

clairvoyant card-sharks—moonfaced
Oprah the Barker—waving the rubes
into the Tent—like handsome Burt Lanchester
playing the same old—Elmer Gantry routine
what a nice lucrative—literary genre to have
to make an extra few—million extra dollars
for the next—FOX-News Apocalypse…

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