Cleaving Roberto Bolaño


Sangriento día de Iluvia

“que se abre y nos
ensucia y nos abraza”
—Roberto Bolaño,
“Sangriento día de Iluvia,”
Los perros románticos

Some days—your words bleed
They ooze—through the walls
Bleeding behind—the wainscoting
They make me—shudder with
Pain—and pleasure…

Knowing your world—out there
Enters me—when I hear
Your BMW—motorcycle roar

Knowing you’re—between girlfriends
Not telling me so—but I know
By the way—your words ooze
And slowly bleed—out of you
Making me—feel dirty

La francesa

“Lectora de los
aforismos de Duchamp”
—Roberto Bolaño,
“La francesa,”
Los perros románticos

I envy you—each time
You’ve got so much—self-control
Even without—a girlfriend
You’re calm—sluggish slow

Even when—you die at night
Filling me with—your adolescence
There in my moody—dark bedroom
Spastic—your guillotined head

Roberto Bolaño y yo

“tienen un sitio
los homosexuales?”
—Roberto Bolaño,
“Ernesto Cardenal y yo,”
Los perros románticos

You’re handsome—built like
Your father—a boxer which
Adds to your—poetry…

But when—you ask me:
“Y los masturbadores impenitientes?”
“Los esclavos del sexo?”
“Los sadomasoquistas?”
“Los putas—los fanáticos?”
“De los enemas???—
for me
I can’t—take it anymore…

Afterwards—I ask myself
Why do you—ask such questions?
I wonder if—you really know
Or care—about guys like me?
The way—you make
My hair—stand on end???

El gusano

“Lo vi coneste ojo:
parecía un gusano”
—Roberto Bolaño,
“El gusano,”
Los perros románticos

You’re built—for love
Pale skin—smooth all over
Muscular—freshman gymnast

One glimpse—I lose it
Huge worm—Nightcrawler
Wanted poster—come alive

Whiteness—between your legs
Dragging it—out of you
Desperately—becoming you

White snake—with legs
Pouty lips—big Adam’s apple
Big biceps—to die for

I couldn’t stop—loving you
Feeling you up—in the dorm
A white worm—for a roommate

Pale white—Anaconda
Mississippi—young manhood
Still growing—real fast

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