Cleaving Roberto Bolaño

critics / critiques / cleaves

“Roberto Bolaño was an
exemplary literary rebel.”
Sarah Kerr, “The Triumph
of Roberto Bolaño,” The
New York Review of Books,
December 18, 2008

cleaving fiction—dragging it
out of the unknown—into myself
inventing a method—to represent it

this unknown space—a new reality
the results of my work—multi-dimensional
running ahead—of the critic's powers

highlighting—the conceptual play
risking & missing—the visceral sex
stressing ambition—conjuring up threats

exclusively—high-modernist camp
gay literature as—more than sterile game
the heteronyms—hummng to themselves

think of a writer—not as a snob
but in the double sense—exposing us to
unsavory fiction—yet critiquing it too…

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