Cleaving parasurrealism

Parasurrealism Poetry

"The growth of recent strains
of parasurrealist writing out
of more language-based
poetry, from which new
avant-garde hybrids emerge”
—Charles Borkhuis, “Writing
From Inside Poetry: Late
Surrealism and Textual Poetry
In France and the US,” Telling
It Slant: Avant-Garde Poetics
Of the 1990’s, Tuscaloosa: U of
Alabama Press, 2002

These images—in the Marla series
Are a stream—of nonstop
Automatic images—they’re no more
Self-reflexive—or self-correcting
Than dreaming—more like Breton
Morphed online—word constellations
Like bursts—of automatic writing
Illuminating this—word-weary world.

The Marla series—uses word-images
Pushing thru writing—and imagery
TO recover—lost Lyrics

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