Cleaving new yorker poetry

New Yorker Poetry

“Patriarchal poetry—
she did she did”
—Gertrude Stein,
Patriarchal Poetry

new yorker poetry—indeed
new yorker poetry—makes life so chic
new yorker poetry—one two three baby
new yorker poetry—slick as a coffee table
new yorker poetry—smooth as a dry martini
new yorker poetry—chatty as a bridge game
new yorker poetry—one two three baby
new yorker poetry—exquisitely cosmopolitan
new yorker poetry—makes you wait
new yorker poetry—makes elizabeth bishop wait
new yorker poetry—makes elizabeth bishop wait so
long the 12 o’clock news is late
new yorker poetry—makes visibility poor, but nevertheless
we shall try to give you reminders of the lay of the land and dreary poetry
new yorker poetry—reveals new england gangland for
what it is, creepy, gnarly, used-up, calcareous, skanky, scaly, slick
new yorker poetry—rises up abruptly, above the slums,
dark alleys, busy streets piled with garbage, brooklyn accents, Italian restaurants, Jewish delicatessens
new yorker poetry—glowing faintly in the dim light, the
penthouses overlooking the daily morning glacial gleam of manhattan
new yorker poetry—always sophisticated, reconnaissance
reporting the discovery of a rather large black hole unknown to us, obviously man-made, mausoleum, manhole, Borgesian maze
new yorker poetry—revealing a huge stately skyscraper
known as the empire state building win a signboard of gigantic size way up there advertising the strange love affair between a struggling young actress fray wray and a cute teenage lower east side ape

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