Cleaving michel collot

Prose Horizons

“The fashion these days is
to render verse prose-like
and prosaic; I lean more
toward rendering prose poetic”
—Michel Collot, “Thematic Discussions
on Poetry—Interview with Michel Collot,
(Prétexte 21/22) Revue Prétexte

it takes a—poéthique gesture
driving across country—sometimes

to disambiguate—and distance oneself
from the long stretched—out prose horizons

and discursive landscapes—stretching out
horizon to horizon—invisibly tres poetic kinda

after all day driving—across prose Nevada
the surface of the moon—ancient ashen ashcan

pterodactyl-prose—jets flying by overhead
while hugging—the highway, cars, trucks

the ghosts of gas-guzzling—SUV dinosaurs
outdated heavy-metal—highway monsters

then afterwards—stopping at some motel
lying in bed—with the air-conditioner on

watching some—late night news drifting
asleep—letting the prose night recede

as we slip slowly—into The Land of Nod
into the landscape—of posey el primitivo…

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