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Lost & Found Poetry

“The art of losing—
isn’t hard to master”
—Elizabeth Bishop,
One Art

Writing poetry is—an unnatural act
It takes great skill—to lose something
To find it—then lose it again

Convincing people—it’s just luck
Saying it’s really—just inevitable
The only natural way—to be a
Poet is to be—unnaturally cool

I lose—something everyday
More & more of me—gets lost that way
We were meant—to be losers
Big time losers—small time losers

It’s no disaster—it's easy to master
The world’s—one big Lost & Found
I’ve lost keys—and watches
I’ve lost houses—and cities
A continent or two—no big deal

Even losing you—I won’t lie
When it happened—I didn’t cry
It was lucky—I even found you
Finding & losing—the art of love

Write it!—that’s the way it is
Live it!—it’s always been that way
Love it!—the art of lost & found

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