Cleaving antler

The Antlerologist
—for Antler

“Am I supposed to read
them the Calamus Poems?”
—Antler, All They Want

sometimes it seems—mother nature
turns everything—into a cruel joke
for guys like me—old queens like
miss rumpelstiltskin—forest deep
looking into the mirror—and all
they see—is tacky taxidermy—
once proud—mule deer antler boyz
lovers so extravagant—such stylish
antlerhood, my dears—nice big dumb
moosey types—nonchalantly nude
hanging—from glittering chandeliers
in various grades—elk-like beauty
white tail deer—camping out in
the darke woods—all summer long
only one thing’s—worse than
young unrequited—antler love
and that’s getting it—while the
getting was good—but not

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