The Anthology Cover

The Anthology Cover

Silliman’s Blog & Cleave Poetry

Silliman links to cleave poetry again! This time to our cleave Anthology—discussions over the cover…

Cleave poetry, Langpo & the problem of schools

Interestingly enough, Silliman links to Cleave cover I suggested in Snarke, i.e., Diana’s “concrete poetry” cover. Please find above the latest color version Diana sent me.

Also, I find it interesting that Silliman brings up the topic of Langpo, Cleave & Concrete poetry & their relationship with each other as “schools of poetry.”

The idea of “Lyric Retrieval” to me means paying attention to how Langpo is now retrieving Lyric, Concrete and Surrealism into what we’ve learned about poetry thru the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E school or movement.

For example, the new schools of “paralyricism” and “parasurrealism” I’ve touched on here in Snarke with various poem examples is one way to show how Langpo hasbeffectd contemporary poetics.

The Lyric Retrieval school using new Concrete poetry ideas like Diana’s Cleave cover is another way that Langpo has revised and revisited previous schools and genres.

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Diana Manister said...

Dennis, I want to mention that I left the extra space to the right of the image for the anthology's title, when we get one.

All suggestions are welcome!

I differ from you in seeing Language Poetry as a moment in a viable continuum, rather than as you do as the end-all and be-all of PoMo.

Just as a river carries what it collects along in its current, poetry brings Language Poetry to new water where new solutions will occur.

Heraclitus said you never step in the same stream twice. Likewise, poetry's current never stops, but moves along constantly changing, carrying all the poetry of the past to the present and future.

Lyric recovery may be our task to perform as we bathe in those waters!

Let's not demand that Language Poetry be responsible for everything that happens as poetry changes. It had its moment and now is part of the stream.