Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cleaving stein

The Snarky Rose

“When you get to that point
there is no essential difference
between prose and poetry. This
is essentially the problem
With which your generation
Will have to wrestle. The thing
Has got to the point where
Poetry and prose have to
Concern themselves with
The static thing. This is up
To you.”—Gertrude Stein,
How Writing is Written

the daily life—snarky quotidian
the static thing—snarky buzz
compared with—print & paper roses

the snarky—negative capability rose
the hurt-red bruised—manly rose
the betrayed rose—the third man rose

the Viennese rose—the zither rose
the day-to-day rose—the sewer rose
the contemporaneous rose—the immediate rose

the gutter rose—the anti-novel rose
the pouty rose—that never was
the writerly rose

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