Cleaving silliman

In the New World Tree

“One element that
makes it spooky…”
—Jackson Mac Low

synchronicity—time moving backwards

time moving forwards—with your quick word-hoard

your flow of imagination—paying special attention to all the

sky-plagues and hell-brides—hell-serfs and whale-beasts

troll-nests and war-boards—cloud-murk and sea brutes

ring hoards and wave-vats—whale-roads and the gelding

monster haelfhundingas—lycanthropic wolf’s tooth

roggenwolf & brimwylf—grundwyrgenne & heorowearh

lots of dutch courage—bear-shirts and wolf-heads

the horse and rider—the keenest for fame

beowulf’s old england—the clans of the sea coast

the scyld scefing—the mead-benches shaking

blue-cloak one-eye odin—with gungnir his staff of power

two ravens hugin & munin—“thought” and "memory”

the world tree—yggdrasil a journey

niflheim, midgaard, asgard—roots, trunk, branches

balder the beautiful—hodr his blind brother

trickster god loki—ragnarok & the wolf fenrir

thor the strong—jormagund welt-serpent

grendel dread waters—the bog people

elves and evil shades—the shining ones

alfablot and elfshot—aelfsiden eyes into the future

keres and valkyries—black dogs and blue hags

devouring goddesses—haggard clairvoyants

noose and neck ring—love-death & brotherly love

snorri sturluson—prose edda soap opera queen

ancient germania—herminones & istaevones

houses of the dead—stone age ceremonies

battle axes—and the mound people

the pagan year—the groves of the gods

the hooded man—the hall turned to ashes

the wuffingas—sutton hoo

stepping aside some—authoring less linearly

"simultaneously”—in the present

moving forwards—moving backwards

in timeless—time

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