Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cleaving saramago

Tertaliano Máximo Afonso

“the thorny problem
of his absolute twin
or to use a more
popular and somewhat
vulgar expression
his spitting image”
—José Saramago

Afonso ponders—his double
the troubling—question of
who is the duplicate—of whom

The possibility—that there’s
a younger one—a younger twin
the youngest—as devalued copy?

The original twin—oldest
The sense—of primogeniture
but afonso—as discoverer?

against his—bastard brother
and the—reverse too?

How can—I recognize
somebody—I’ve never met
even though—seeing him is
the same as—him seeing me?

I must set—my imagination
to work—because surely
I’m going—to need it…

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