Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cleaving Saramago

“The narrator is slightly split,
as if, like Saramago’s Ricardo
Reis, he were always just on
the verge of realizing he is the
figment of someone else’s
Fernando Eberstadt,
“The Unexpected Fantasist,”
The NYTimes 8/26/2007

saramago — carpentier
both of us ironic — pessimistic
using — unreliable narrative
satirizing myself — but why?
the objectivity — of the narrator
a modern invention — we need only
reflect — that our lord god didn’t
want it — in his book.”
such — blasphemy
but it’s too late — it’s no news when
i tell myself the world — is pure hell
for millions of people — some of us
manage to find — a way out
not really — but pretend
but good — for now i suppose
i can’t change — i just get worse
i live — in a dark age
when freedoms — are diminishing
when there’s — no space for criticism
when the — totalitarianism
of multinational — corporations
a vast snarkosphere — no longer
even needing — an ideology
or religious — wars
orwell’s “1984” — already here
it’s been here — for a long time…
carpentier — los pasos perdidos
pre-WWII — surrealist mindset
while saramago — opens postmodernism
wide open — subversive works
the history of the siege of lisbon
the double — death interrupted
ingeniously turning — everything
completely — upside-down…
the thought — occurs perhaps
carpentier’s — protagonist
in los pasos perdidos — is the
basis for — saramago’s “reis”
a kind of — “absurdist man
without qualities” — the year
of the death — of ricardo reis…
this morning — i looked at myself
bleary-eyed — in a cracked mirror
the face of — miss lonelyhearts
looking back — at me after falling
down the staircase — all tangled up
in another day — the locusts
eraserhead — mulholland drive

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