Cleaving pessoa

Letter to António

Dear Antonio—I have to
Write to you—to tell you
That we can’t—meet anymore
Your love has—driven me crazy
You don’t know—your own strength
Your muscles—steelwork physique!

Our love here—in my bedroom
All night long—it’s just too much!
You’ve bent me—this way & that way!
You’ve banged me—too many times!
You’ve shoved me—up against the wall!
Upside-down—inside-out so rudely!

You’ve turned me—into a cripple!
Look at me—I’m a gimpy hunchback!!!
I limp over to the window—to see you
Saunter you way to work—in the morning
I wave goodbye—holding on tightly
To the handles—of my walker

I know you’ve—dumped Maria
To be my gigolo—here at my place
I’m not wealthy—but I’m generous
It’s nice to have—a young man
Around the place—especially at
Night when—I get sad and blue

I like to stroll—the streets at night
When you wear—the light blue suit
I bought for you—your breezy smile
Your swank expensive—alligator shoes
Your onyx-diamond ring—all the eyes
Of the jealous queens—cruising you

I limp just for them—I’m shameless
When we cross—Rua do Alecrim
Going down Ferragial—Remolares
Arsenal—Vinte e Quatro de Julho
Ricardo Reis—just back from Rio
Gets weak in the knees—you smile

We make our way—me the poet
You the young god—arm in arm
When we stroll—how time flies
Avenida da Liberdade—trembles
Like me when—you squeeze me
In a dark alley—making me faint

A man can—go astray
Even when—he tries to follow
A straight line—as we enter the
Rossio all of Lisbon—opens up
Four or eight choices—if taken
Will lead us—into infinite Night….

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