Cleaving eigner

Letter to Eigner

“My own impressions
of what I see, hear,
read, have seemed
surfacey…”—Larry Eigner,
“a brave // materialist // sport,”
Areas Lights Heights: Writing

dear larry,

one thing—i can’t figure out
and that’s why—allen in his
new american poetry—anthology
included you—with olson
creeley dorn—black mt. dudes?

projective verse—wasn’t you
maybe it was—the way olson
danced all over—the page
the way you typed—moving
vertically downward—in time
horizontally thru—textual space
all over—the place

the way you typed—slowly
swampscott polis kid—opening the field
your royal portable—teenage maximus
minimalist—like brooklyn hart crane
tight as emily—amherst puritan virgin
the way you typed—one key at a time
your “sotto” voice—going down
“again dawn”—on WKPKF
“in fragments”—drifting away…

funny how—you show up
LangPo poet too—sure get around
first 2 issues—L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E
all these schools—opening up for you
and you cleaved—them so elegantly
not bad for a spaz—wheelchair kid
even tough bukowski—admired you

maybe a little “surfacey”—like you sd
black sparrow poet—skating on thin ice
language above—language below
in your wheelchair—typing away
wheels & keys—such exquisite torque…
where are you—little star?

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