Friday, November 7, 2008

Summer and Smoke

Summer and Smoke (1961)

“The way to be gay

is to make other

people gay,” Miss

Lonelyhearts said."

—Nathanael West

Miss Lonelyhearts

Spare me the kitsch—Spare me the camp Give me the Year Of the Locust…Geraldine Page—Sweet Bird of Youth—Alexandra Del Lago Ditching her so-so Young gigolo…Summer and Smoke even better though…Page going down on Earl Holliman. Archie Kramer the young Traveling Salesman—bored & lonely—just like Alma Winemiller—the listless Minister’s daughter—Una Merkel her dirty-minded mother—with her nutty small-town insinuations—making matters only worse—Laurence Harvey—the doctor’s son—no good party type—Rita Moreno getting all she can. Poor Alma—why not? She turns away from the Angel in the Park—knowing full well that the young cute Salesman—is just a One Night’s Stand—what’s wrong with that? At least Alma has something—something to fall in love with. If not just for a Night—then that’s better than Nothing at all. Tongues may wag—people may talk. I know in my small college town back home—many were somewhat shocked. How could a Minister’s daughter—do what she did in the Park? What did Alma do in the Park? I could only think of one thing—and that’s what I did in our Park. In the Sunken Garden on campus—there on Twelfth Avenue north of town. I went down on Earl Holliman—I got Archie Kramer good. I gave him a nice blowjob—and then another too. I’d been wanting to do him—since Forbidden Planet (1956). Five years earlier—when Robbie the Robot tried to make him too. But Robbie and the Krell were just too much—they were just too rough and unfathomable. They lacked the delicate Touch—the kind of finesse it takes to make a Man feel like Man. Earlier on during The Big Combo (1955), Lee Van Cleef (“Fante”) and I had an awful bitch-fight over the young cute vulnerable Earl Holliman (“Mingo”)—until the awful Tick-Tick-Tick-Ka-Boom!!! of nasty dirty Richard Conte’s blackmail trick did the horrible unspeakable. With Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace—fading lovers off into the Fog. I know it sounds kitschy and camp—but other movies are just as bad or even worse. Like Rock Hudson—And Jane Wyman Such Magnificent Obsession sluts… “Togetherness”—Says Claude Raines To Miss Bogart in Casablanca…Alfred Hitchcock—With Kim Novak As Dizzy Queen Perv-Vertigo. All About Eve—Story of my Life…Miss Addison DeWitt Esquire. Suave lethal—Sophisticate…Decadent slime Lavender Quill. Poor Anne Baxter—Funny how I beat Her lovely brains out With her Oscar. Bette Davis—“What a dump!” She’s always dishing Poor crippled Blanche. “But Blanche,” she says “You are in a Wheelchair…Fasten Seat-Belt!!! The Stairs are a Bumpy Ride!” “Los Angeles—Dumpy Mulholland Drive Norma Desmond with her Kept boyz like me.” “Look at me now!”—I’ve got that Gloria Swanson Has-Been Sepulchral Fag Look!” “They tore it down—My rambling old Sunset Boulevard Mansion…And Swimming Pool.” “They built tacky Condos—Over the grave of My poor Little Monkey…What a Sacrilege!!!” “Divas don’t last—We don’t get Respect Like Evita Peron got Way back when.” “Ronald Firbank—Writes New Rhythms Just for me here In ratty Riverside.” Susan Kohner—“Oh Negritude!!!” Beat up bad by Troy Donahue!!!

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