The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1961)

Lotte Lenya is back again—This time as an even more hip And sophisticated Contessa With her own Kept-Boy Bordello.So many Paolo di Leo types—Now that Warren Beatty has Come & gone and I do mean Come & gone, my dears. Vivien Leigh is still bored—And I would too if I were her These Roman Springs can be So exquisitely tiring, you know. Just ask Ernest Thesiger—Frequent habituate of those Haughty young hustlers who Hang around Lotte’s bordello. Home for wayward boys—The beautiful ones who come And go and sometimes are Never seen again…Maybe a glimpse or two—Slumming around Taormina Or plying the Adriatic in some Yacht full of rich Euro-queens. Some like Joe Sonessa—Sullen types stalking beneath Madame Stone’s balcony Pouty petulant put-off…I peep I ponder I pant—Over made-for-TV remakes Hoping for some new little tidbit To titillate my cineaste decadence. Who pray tell will be next prey—The new Paolo di Leo to be had By Karen Stone’s demanding Unrelenting unquenchable Thighs? Oliver Martinez newest gigolo—Hollywood’s 2003 hunky offering Along with Rodrigo Santoro As the Young Man at the End? Somehow it doesn’t click—Especially Anne Bancroft as the Beloved Contessa pimping for the Louche cognoscenti of young cock? Anne Bancroft is about as Evil—As a Flat Tire on a Fiat or Ferrari Hardly the Lamborghini or Bugatti Or Maseratti one would expect, dear. Rodrigo Santoro as the Young Man—Victor Alfieri as another Young Man Riccardo Sardonè as Young Man three They’re all quite cute & available…But where’s Ernest Thesiger—The quintessential Queen Bee who Obviously contributes to the awful Fall of Rome every drunk Night? And what about me all alone—Here in the lonely faraway pristine Gardens of Castel Gandolfo longing For some of that Roman love too?

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