I was reading a poem in
Books r us and
At Hoffman’s Kandinsky*
painting when all of a
sudden the flat surface
of the painting went 3-D
on me and it turned into
a “room” with lots of
action going on—blurring
motions, squiggling little
nervous movements of
color, all sorts of things
going on—it was like
Juan Gris’ cubist Table
except it was a huge
cubist room full of stuff
that just wouldn’t quit!!!

*Wassily Kandinsky:
Komposition VII


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Books r Us said...

I spent an enjoyable day exploring the works of Kandinsky and Gris. There is a natural progression that leads from the works of Monet up through Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso.

I've posted four images over at my site that I think you may enjoy. Three Kandinsky as related to development, and a Gris for the fun of speculation. Hope you enjoy.