Glen or Glenda

Glen or Glenda (2008)

—for Elizabeth Bishop

my name is Glenda—I’m not nice
like when I sit—when i talk to myself
snarky thoughts—don’t bug me…

mostly way down—south of the border
way down there—in my Abercrombie & Fitch shorts

my mind so awfully skanky—Bermuda Triangle me
full of smarmy jokes—used rubbers & flotsam
scudding jetsam—junk dumped overboard
years of crummy—cruising cruise ships…

Key West—looms in the distance
condos apartment buildings—mansions offices
impregnable and dead—Art Deco USA
we are slightly—removed from the hullabaloo
Countess Olenska—her talent for soirees

she knows how to throw parties—séances
they call her—the Caribbean Madame Clairvoyant
Madame Moldy Planchette—stoned as Ms. Stein
She’s got a knack for it—weddings und funeral songs

Married to an aristocrat—in an Italian villa
now the Editoress—The New Yorker
she talks prosody—snarkily
outside the day—so blue so long
she amazes us—with her endurance

miss marianne moore—blesses us
with holy water—from the Bowery
and as always we promise—as usual
to return once again—our long dayz
nightz lost weekends—Brasiliaesque…

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