Cleave performance

Performance Art

“her poems are performative—
that happens with her parenthetical
statement "write it!”
—Diana Manister

“Write it!”—performance art
“Cleave it!”—performance art
“Read it!”—performance art

Cleaving it—Slant

“Tell all the truth
but tell it slant
Success in circuit lies”
—Emily Dickinson

like—thai take-out
learning—losing it
words—lovers, cities


How to use cleaves to tell a story?

How to do a cleave narrative with a series of cleaves?

How to do cleave lit crit with a series of cleaves?

How to segue cleaves into performance art?

How to be disjunctive, transgressive & snarky?

Yet keep the cleavage simple?

What about movie cleaves?

What about video cleaves?

Youtube cleaves?

Our NYTimes Fiction reading group is reading Edith Wharton.

Wharton's The House of Mirth, and now The Age of Innocence.

Are we going thru a similar Gilded Age now?

Is social satire relevant to cleaves?

Can I cleave Wharton into now?

And her friend Henry James?

Turn of the Screw cleaves?

Combined with Wharton's...

House of Mirth cleaves?

Age of Innocence cleaves?

As they toured France & America...

By automobile instead of train?

Motor-Flighting cleaves?


“The growth of parasurrealist writing
out of more language-based poetry
offers a magnetic, highly charged schism
between the two, from which new
avant-garde hybrids may emerge.”
—Charles Borkhuis, “Writing from
Inside Language: Late Surrealism and
Textual Poetry in France and the
United States,” Telling It Slant:
Avant-Garde Poetics of the 1990’s

Path of words—on a page
Nothing else—nothing more
What I need—lucid dreaming
Shifting subtexts—under
Around myself—reading as
Writing—subterranean movie
Twenty Thousand Leagues—deep
Beneath a Sea—Science Fiction!!!

Automatic Writing

“The cinema seems to have been
invented to express the subconscious
life, whose roots penetrate so deeply
into poetry; but it is almost never
used for that end.”
—Luis Buñuel

Cleaving—Ed Wood, Jr.
Deep into—Plan 9 From Outer Space
Jailbait—Bride of the Monster
Glen or Glenda—Night of the Ghouls
Playful—automatic self-reflexive
Filmic cleavage—Grade B cinema
So bad—it’s good!!!

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