The Diva

The Diva

"She is a diva. She takes
no advice from anyone.
Remember: Divas trust
only unto themselves, as
they see themselves as
the beginning and end
of all wisdom."—CNN

Most Divas are douchebags—
They’re dried-up & bored with life,
Old Deuteronomy queens dishing

the Sky above and the Land below.

(“And thy heaven that is over thy
head shall be brass, and the earth
that is under thee shall be iron.”
—Deuteronomy xxviii, 23)

“Heaven … brass … earth … iron,”
these are strong Oriental figures
used to describe the effects of
long-continued Spiritual Drought.

Here comes my Barracuda Diva!!!

She be my Goddess of Snark—
kinda like a Pretty Python coming

in for the Big Squeeze...

Halleluiah, baby!!! Squeeze it!!!

C'mon, pop my eyeballs out!!!

Do the Disappearing Act with it...

Do my PYTHON all the way!!!

Do the Big Ugly, baby!!!

Lay your greasy Hands on it!!!
Gimme your snarky smirk,

Gimme your Moose Jaw, baby!!!

Convince the Congregation!!!

I'm born-again Neocon Elect!!!

Let's go wolf helicopter hunting
with flamboyant Exxon pricks!!!

Gimme your Hillbilly Hands!!!
Your White Trash Holly-Rollers!!!
Be my POTUS pretty girl!!!

Be my Rose Garden Baby!!!

After the Big Crash--

Roll me for every penny!!!
Gimme your moose-meat, kid!!!
Western music & Living Dead!!!

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